Gates open at 2 p.m.
No outside food or drink will be allowed in.
Festival is all-ages. Children ages 5 and under free.
Lineup and/or set times are subject to change without notice.
Everyone is subject to search upon entry.
ATM’s will be available on site.

  • No Aerosol Products or Aerosol Cans

  • No Air Horns

  • No Vuvuzelas

  • No Audio Recording Devices

  • No Bikes or Hoverboards

  • No Chairs or Coolers

  • No Detachable Lens Cameras

  • No Drones, Remote Control Aircraft, Toys/Cars

  • No Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia

  • No Fireworks, Explosives, or Road Flares

  • No Flyers, Sampling or Giveaways

  • No Weapons

  • No Instruments

  • No Kites or Sky Lanterns

  • No Laser Pointers

  • No Mace or Pepper Spray

  • No Pets or Animals

  • No Sharpies, Markers or Paint Pens

  • No Ins and Outs